Homeowners Insurance in NJ

Do you have the right coverage?

Homeowners insurance coverage helps pay for repairs to your home and replacement belongings if they are damaged or destroyed. Common occurrences that lead to homeowners claims include theft, storms and fires. 52% of homeowners with insurance, don’t have a clear understanding of their coverage.


While it’s recommended you speak with an agent about custom coverage to fit your individual needs, most typical homeowners policies cover the following:

  • Your Dwelling – Your dwelling, or the structure of the home you live in and associated structures including a garage and deck, is the most common component of homeowners insurance coverage.
  • Other Structures – Other structures that might be protected include tool sheds, detached garages, fences and other structures that are technically on your property, but are separate from your home.
  • Personal Property – Effects such as electronics, furniture, sports equipment and other personal items are generally covered under your homeowner’s policy. If these items are damaged or stolen, your coverage may pay for them to be repaired or replaced.
  • Liability – In the event of property damage or bodily injury caused by, on or to your property, you’ll want to make sure you have proper liability coverage. This can include somebody slipping on a wet floor inside your home, or if your dog causes damage to your neighbors home. Liability coverage does have limits when it comes to paying for legal or medical expenses, so you might consider an additional umbrella policy on top of it.
  • Additional Living Expenses (ALE) – If you are unable to live in your home to damages from an insured disaster, your homeowners insurance coverage might pay for your additional living expenses. This includes hotel and meal costs, along with any other normal living expenses you incur due to relocation.

Take Inventory

On average, only 48% of homeowners prepare an inventory of their possessions to help document losses for their insurers. Having a well organized inventory of your home’s contents can make a big difference in how you will be reimbursed for these items.

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